Professional Work

ALFA has a dedicated workforce comprising of highly skilled engineers and competent professionals. They are involved from the concept to the completion of every project. An in-house software automated design and draft facility complements the team.

At ALFA, professionalism is never an abstract or intangible concept but an essential ingredient of every procedure, process and step that we follow.

ALFA has been striving from the beginning to blend the right human resources, optimal processes, and right methodologies to make sure that customer gets the best-in-class value and quality Human Resources

At ALFA, we believe in the adage, “Knowing the job well is a prerequisite for doing it well”. Every staff member who joins ALFA as a fresher or experienced comes in with a great deal of technical knowledge, positive energy and commitment to the profession we belong to.

Why Alfa

At ALFA, we ask this question at every stage of business execution and define all our actions to match, positively to the spirit of this question. This enables us to offer the best possible solution to our clients. The client-satisfaction helps ALFA Enterprises to grow from the present level and enter the future with a head start.


Capacity Alfa plan is to produce total of 600 tons/month of steel building which is one of the largest production capacities in India. Adherence to the Internationally accepted engineering practices in production, planning and control helps to keep up the delivery dates, products quality and efficient implementation.

Superior Technology

At every level, that is, design, manufacture of products, erection and integration, ALFA provides better value for money to the client through superior technology.

Quality Materials

At ALFA, we believe that quality of input makes sure of the quality of output, we use high grade tensile steels of 350 MPa from the best of manufacturers in India.

Fastest Delivery

Standardized processes, micro-planning and efficient human resources management help us to deliver the product on time.

International Quality Standards

ALFA adopts the latest business-performance management tools and techniques to bring about continuous improvement in quality. ALFA strictly follows the international design standards as well as the engineering norms pertinent to PEB industry in all projects.

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